Specialised Security

The DAG directors and senior management have a long history of providing bespoke solutions having undertaken security-based operations for a variety of high-profile clients and activities have included securing of Embassies, Airports, VVIP individuals, World Cup Cricket venues, government construction sites and mines and as such we offer the following services:



Critical Infrastructure


National key points are strategic installations such as airports, military bases, ports, railways, power grids and stations. that are considered worthy of tight security so as to prevent an act of damage or sabotage taking place. Securing of this critical infrastructure is necessary to maintain normalcy in daily life.




Embassies and International Organisations are high visibility targets, and the securing of a countries diplomats and premises is fundamental their foreign policies, especially in high threat contexts. This has included not only the security of the embassy premises but also, private residences, security details and movement planning.



Extractives Industry


DAG has provided bespoke security solutions to extractives industry clientele, usually in hostile and non-conducive environments.


High Value Goods Movement


High-value goods have always required extra security, but recently several factors have boosted the risk. Longer supply chains add touch points and, therefore, vulnerability, crime organizations are increasingly focused on goods in transit. DAG has moved high value goods and cargo through some of the most inhospitable environments in the world, this has always been done on time to the client’s schedule. We can support through a variety of movement options including road, air and water borne options.