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Dyck Advisory Group (DAG) undertakes Stability, Security and Reconstruction support operations across the globe and brings over thirty years of supporting our clients in hostile and austere environments. DAG has undertaken the planning, set up and implementation of over 250 projects in 20 conflict and post conflict countries across the globe with the management team having personally led operations in all these areas.
All operations are undertaken with the aim of assisting our clients in protecting and promoting legitimate political authority, through the following activities:
  • Establishing and maintaining a safe, secure environment.
  • Support economic development.
  • Deliver humanitarian assistance.
  • Establish representative, effective governance and the rule of law.
  • Reconstructing critical infrastructure and restoring essential services.

We operationalise our client’s vision through providing the following services:


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Aviation Services

Provision of full turnkey solutions to military, law enforcement agencies and private agencies including provision of rotary and fixed wing aviation assets, pilots, maintenance crews, flight crews and medical support. We can supply bespoke aerial support operations in remote locations supporting ongoing operations.
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Canine Services

The clients that we have worked with and supplied teams to include Governments, Multilateral Organisations, security companies and NGOs, as well as the most common types of working dogs we have also trained canines to fulfil other requirements such as Vapour Wake, Pipe Inspection, Accelerant and Electronics assets.
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Explosive Hazard Management

DAG utilises the full spectrum of the EHM “Toolbox” and has the capacity to undertake the following activities in support of clients around the globe. All DAG operations are fully compliant with the following United Nations Standards International Mine Action Standards (IMAS), International Ammunition Technical Guidelines (IATG) and International Small Arms Control Standards (ISACS).
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Specialised Security

The DAG directors and senior management have a long history of providing bespoke solutions having undertaken security-based operations for a variety of high-profile clients and activities have included securing of Embassies, Airports, VVIP individuals, World Cup Cricket venues, government construction sites and mines and as such we offer the following services:
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DAG teams have been instrumental in training military, police, and law enforcement personnel in various countries to empower the security services maintain security and create a reliable environment for structural stability. DAG has worked closely with several governments in providing civilian capacity to support their ongoing military and security operations. This has included the embedding of Mentors with troops on the ground to advise and support them during operations, supply of entire units to be embedded in military and police forces, provision of logistics and maintenance support packages.Our training activities have been undertaken both at our client’s facilities as well as our training areas. By coming to our training facilities, we have enabled several clients to train in an African environment and by Africans who understand the risks and issues involved with operating in this environment.

As well as our global footprint of operations and offices DAG operates two specialist training facilities.

Our canine and dog handler training facility is an 88-hectare facility that focuses on the training of dogs and their handlers for a variety of uses around the world including Explosive, IED, and Narcotics detection dogs as well as tracking and attack dogs.

Klein Tafelberg Training and Adventure Centre is a 750-hectare purpose designed training facility including accommodation for students, a variety of shooting ranges, including small arms, 1,7km long range, jungle lanes and “kill houses”, a 21km off-road instruction track for driver training and ambush and patrol drills instruction. Mountain climbing, rappelling, orienteering, and navigation areas are also available. In addition, we have a “airsoft” training area, both urban and bush, where the students can put the drills and techniques into practice through undergoing live exercises where they are able to undertake both offensive and defensive drills against each other.

Our Projects

DAG management has overseen the planning, set up and implementation of over 250 projects and operated in 20 post conflict countries across the globe and have personally led operations in all these areas. DAG has representation based in United Arab Emirates, Zimbabwe, South Africa, South Sudan, Afghanistan, Ukraine, France, and United Kingdom.